Monday, September 13, 2010

Stuffed Handbanana

Remember that really fucked up episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force where Meatwad makes a dog from some software and names it Handbanana? And then Handbanana ends up raping Carl? If you haven't, but that sounds appealing to you, you can watch it here. I know I'm not supposed to think it's funny because it trivializes rape, and I shouldn't laugh at that as a feminist. Look, I HATE rape! I do! But it was fucking funny. The worst things in the world always happen to Carl, so the writers really couldn't have gone on avoiding "Carl gets raped by a dog" forever!

That's the original Handbanana.

Anyway, my friend Jen thought it was funny too, so for Christmas I made her a giant Handbanana cuddle friend. I got a good deal on the furry yellow fabric in Midtown because no one would ever want to use that on clothes for people, and the rest was all needle, thread, and glue. Once again, all I have here are crappy cell phone shots because I am lazy.

It turned out that in spite of all the rape stuff, Handbanana was incredibly comfortable to cuddle with. As The Little Spoon, his head made a perfect pillow, and your arms could fit comfortably in each nook of his legs/tail/cock(?). I hated to give him away.

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